Monday, November 1, 2010

New toys!!!!!

After careful bidding on EBay I have just received my immersion circulator yeah its used but it works and it didn't cost me a thousand bucks only a couple hundred so I am happy. The Food saver was another deal retail they go for one fifty got this one for seventy five bucks. The lexan less than thirty bucks. So for less than half of what a new circulator would cost I am up and running. I also scored a great Cuisinart food processor for fifty bucks.

My wife God Love her, is so very understanding when it comes to me and my "toys".She is always the voice of reason and sanity. As she puts it "I'm like a moth to the flame" when it comes to kitchen equipment.
 I have some many tools and knives that it takes two tool boxes to hold them all. I have a rolling Box that holds all my chemicals and powders.

And don't get me started on knives and cutters and gadgets. The wife keeps me from going over board or trys to anyway. You have to have the right tool for the the right job. When you spend everyday with a knife in your hand it needs to be a good one. My work set of Henkles I have had for over thirty years. They work like an extension of my hand. I have a knife callous on the index finger of my right hand. Then I have some Japanese knives that are just too sharp. They are the only way to cut fish, one smooth slice, paper thin.
Then there is all the other gadgets that you need Teflon coated petite four pans, aspic cutters round cutters, smooth edge or crinkled round molds square molds spatulas large small offset tapered. You have to have a good set of hobby knives Exactors knives for fruit and vegetable carving.

Then to store all these lovely little jewels, I make a trip to the sporting goods store and Plano boxes for organizing and storing knives and cutters, and a large tackle bag to hold all the Plano boxes and larger pieces.

A man and his toys.You can see that I do have a weakness for tools. I have spent most of my career fixing restaurants that are have issues of one kind or another so I have to be fairly well versed in all aspects of cooking from sautee to baking to sauces, the garde manger to butcher to maintaince man. I have my tools so that no matter where I go I know that I always have what I need. I have been in kitchens where they didnt have a good food processor or round molds or a siphon or a immersion blender.

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