Monday, November 1, 2010

Oscar my boy and his girl Mimi

Oscar was a stray cat the adopted us out in Colorado. He was king of the townhouse where we were living and he picked us and has trained us very well now.

With a smile like that how could you not love him? He has become quite the Gourmand. He has to give his seal of approval to the slow smoked BBQ he will sit beside the smoker for fourteen hours waiting for the pork butts to be done. And his ideal for salmon flavored cat food is more along the lines of something like this plate of salmon belly meat.

Now his girl Mimi, the wife rescued from the pound. well lets just say she rode the short bus and licked the window. If you know what I mean. Not a single bit of gray matter in the little head.

I've been working on my photography skills so I thought I would post a few random shots.

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