Thursday, November 3, 2011

Acorn Flour

The son in law has be a mass murder of deer the last few days. I spent the last two days standing in the kitchen at the island breaking down two deer. The wife made some great liver pate from the deer livers and hearts. I saved the necks to be braised and slow cooked in the style of Osso Buccu. The Kids were a little amazed at how much I can get out of a deer when I butcher it. I waste nothing. After all the large and small cuts are remove I cut the backbone into smaller sections and place them in a stock pot with some onion and garlic and stew for several hours. remove the bones and scrape the meat off the bones and reserve. Once you get all the neat scraped off the bone, I thicken the stock made from boiling the bones. Once thickened I add the meat scrapes back to the gravy and then all you need is some biscuits or mashed potatoes for a nice little meal of what would have went in the trash.
 I also made sausages from the meat from in between the ribs and and any other scrape pieces that I had or did not want to include in what I ground for burger. I Save several of the loins for roasting and sliced two for grilling. We cut steaks and pounded then thin. Stew meat was cut as well. All meat was then vacuum packed and labeled with date cut and tag number. Always put the tag number on the packets of meat. It could save you a lot of questions and trouble in the future. I should have done some photos of the butchering but I didn't. I will on the next deer. It's urban hunt here that's where you can hunt within the town limits. The first deer you kill has to be a doe and it goes to the local food bank, then you can kill as many as you can it's all bow hunting too. Then we have black powder and then rifle. There is no excuse for not having meat in the freezer here. We are also on a large lake lake that is full of Bass, Walleye, Kentuckies, and hybrid strippers. The river is full of trout. Yes it is Paradise.
Anyway Acorn flour can to mind while I was breaking down a deer. I thought it would be great to bread some deer steaks with acorn flour before frying them and also the wife wants to make some bread using acorn flour so that is the project today. Pictures to come later of the steps for  making the flour. It's a cold windy day so plenty of acorns on the ground.
You want to make sure the nuts are firm, and that there are no holes in the nuts. Gather plenty

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