Friday, November 25, 2011

Acorn Flour

O.K a break from breaking down deer. The acorn flour project is back on. So the wife and I gather a few bags full of acorns. White oak produce acorns that are lower in tannins than the other oaks. You can use what ever you have though it will just take more washing.

This time of year they are everywhere. So gather them and then just give them a little whack with a hammer and peel the shell off. Or you can use a knife to slit the shell and then peel if off. The Shell is rather flex able. Here is a bowl full that I peeled with a knife.

Once you get all your nuts shelled or peeled how ever you want to put it.
They need to be washed to remove the tannins. Yeah a good many people think that they are poisonous but they aren't. I use the two pot method to wash mine. Place two pots of water on the stove and bring them to a boil. Take your acorns and bust them up a little using a hammer this will make the easier to wash. Then place them in one of the pots of boiling water. Boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. Drain them and place them in the second pot of water. Refill the first pot and place it back on stove to bring it to a boil again. Boil the acorns till the first pot of water reaches a boil. Then drain the acorns and repeat the process over till the acorns are not bitter anymore. It takes about five or six boils to get them where I like them.

After they have been boiled and the tannins have been leached out you will need to dry the out. The liquid that you get from the first boiling will be a nice brown golden color. That liquid has a few medicinal uses it is antiviral and antiseptic. It works well on rashes, poison ivy, burns, and itches, and yes even good as a wash for hemorrhoids. Made into a tea it can be helpful for dysentery and diarrhea. As a gargle for sore throats. You can use it to wash clothes, it will slightly color whites so be careful. Was your camo for deer season in the water and it works better than any scent cover you can by. Just store the acorn tannin water in sealed mason jars in the fridge. If it does mold just skim off the mold and bring it to a boil for ten minutes and its good to go. Anyway back to the flour.
Dry the nuts in a dehydrator or the oven set on a very low temp. I like the dehydrator method less work less fuss. Once dry I will toast them in a skillet before I grind them. I will reserve some the chop and and use in cookies. The rest I grind and a piny jar of chopped nuts will yield about one and a half times the amount.

One ounce of acorn flour has 2.1 grams of protein, 140 calories, 9 gr of fat, no cholesterol or sodium, 15 gr carbohydrates not too bad. As for minerals lets see Calcium 12 mg (1%), Iron 0.3 mg (2%), Magnesium 30.8 mg (8%), Phosphorus 28.8 mg (3%), Potassium 199mg (6%), Zinc 0.2 mg (1%), Copper 0.2 mg (9%), Manganese 0.5mg (24%)

So Natural is better. When I use the flour I usually do a fifty fifty split with flour. If you use all acorn flour for bread it will be crumbly no gluten in the acorn flour. The wife uses the chopped nuts for cookies they are great.

Some people will grind the nuts to a mush and place the mush in  flour sack and rinse it with cold water over and over. That method takes a great deal of time. I have also seen where they take the nuts place in a cloth bag and place in a flowing stream and leave it for several days to wash the nuts. As with everything you will find a dozen different methods. I can tell you about my method as that is the only method I have used.  Try which ever method you think will be best for you. All ways use caution when trying something new.


  1. I've read of this for years but have never given it a try...thanks, perhaps now I'll harvest a few acorns from the yard.
    BTW, left a thank you on my blog to you. Have a good weekend.

  2. Forgot, also added your site to my links.

  3. Stephen, thanks just getting started here been reading you for sometime and really enjoy your blog thanks again chef

  4. WOW! I can remember having biscuits, with acorn flour in them. Years ago. Thanks.

  5. Flier389,
    the wife is going to make bread this week with the acorn flower. Nothing like "old school" somethings don't get better, because they were just fine to start with. thanks for coming by. feel free to ask questions if you have any. thanks chef