Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A friend had given me a couple rabbits. I had her place them in pens and "free range" them on grass and No Pellet food for a couple weeks before she brought them over. I will spare you the skinning part only because I did not take any photos during the process.
We will start with a couple nice clean ready to break down carcasses.

I always start by removing the legs front and then back. Front will come off with little effort. The Hind legs you need to be careful and go through the joint at what would be the hip.

Now for the loin just like any other loin it starts at the top of the hind quarter and runs up the back bone to the front shoulders.

Well when its all said and done I have a nice little pile of tender tasty rabbit. What shall I do with it?

Well that leaves you with the back bone and rib section all intact. I will take it and in a large stock pot I'll add a little oil. When its hot add the left over carcass and some chopped onions, carrots, and fresh parsley brown it off a little then cover with water and boil.

Let it boil down to a fourth, then replace he water and repeat for about three times ending with about a four cups of liquid.. This will give you a really great rabbit stock for making a sauce for your tasty little bunny.

As you can see it goes from a light color to a nice deep rich brown. Only thing left is to reduce this down.

Now for the rabbit parts and pieces. Must marinate I think, maybe confit some. sous vide it? Pan fried? Oh the delima too many tasty choices. I must step back and thing ..........


  1. Now I want a mess of rabbit...I was raised on it. Nice post.

  2. I raised rabbits when I was younger. We ate them every way possible. I got the wild hair (see what I did there?) to cook it for the wife. Then I saw the price. Whoa. It was summer then, so shooting a couple of cottontails was not really an option. Maybe now is a better time to go get a couple of bunnies. This looks great.