Monday, December 5, 2011

Bikers and Beer

Saw this over clip of some bikers and a couple at the movies on a blog called small dead animals. It's from a young lady from our northern neighbor Canada eh! She has some really good stuff smart, and funny. Check her out. The clip is great a little insight to how first impressions can be.


  1. I have done my very best to let people be who they are and not make assumptions. It's a difficult balance with keeping mentally aware of your surroundings and keeping out of dangerous situations. That said, none of those guys exhibited any behavior that said "dangerous" to me. That and I would have more or less been chuckling at that many bikers in a movie theater especially depending on what movie you were going to see. Thanks for sharing. I'm swinging over to the site now. The wife's from Canada, so we already have something in common.

  2. Cant judge a book by it's cover. I was friendly with a "group of gentlemen" that rode and aas long as you did not f with them they wouldn't f with you. They did take care of each other and their friends. Good people just misunderstood.